Public Development APIs

Public Development APIs

★24 Pull Requests – Project to promote open source collaboration during December

★ – Estimates the age from a first name

★ApiFlash – Chrome based screenshot API for developers

★ – IP, Domains and Emails anti-abuse API blocklist

★ – Wikipedia for Web APIs, OpenAPI/Swagger specs for public APIs

★BetterMeta – Return a site’s meta tags in JSON format

★Bitbucket – Pull public information for a Bitbucket account

★Bored – Find random activities to fight boredom

★Browshot – Easily make screenshots of web pages in any screen size, as any device

★CDNJS – Library info on CDNJS

★ – Structured changelog metadata from open source projects

★CountAPI – Free and simple counting service. You can use it to track page hits and specific events

★DigitalOcean Status – Status of all DigitalOcean services

★DomainDb Info – Domain name search to find all domains containing particular words/phrases/etc

★Faceplusplus – A tool to detect face

★ – Estimates a gender from a first name

★GitHub – Make use of GitHub repositories, code and user info programmatically

★Gitlab – Automate GitLab interaction programmatically

★Gitter – Chat for GitHub

★HTTP2.Pro – Test endpoints for client and server HTTP/2 protocol support

★IBM Text to Speech – Convert text to speech

★ – Retrieve structured data from a website or RSS feed

★IPify – A simple IP Address API

★IPinfo – Another simple IP Address API

★JSON 2 JSONP – Convert JSON to JSONP (on-the-fly) for easy cross-domain data requests using client-side JavaScript

★ – Free JSON storage service. Ideal for small scale Web apps, Websites and Mobile apps

★Judge0 – Compile and run source code

★Let’s Validate – Uncovers the technologies used on websites and URL to thumbnail

★License-API – Unofficial REST API for

★LiveEdu – Live Coding Streaming

★MAC address vendor lookup – Retrieve vendor details and other information regarding a given MAC address or an OUI

★Myjson – A simple JSON store for your web or mobile app

★ – Estimate the nationality of a first name

★OOPSpam – Multiple spam filtering service

★Plino – Spam filtering system

★Postman – Tool for testing APIs

★ProxyCrawl – Scraping and crawling anticaptcha service

★Public APIs – A collective list of free JSON APIs for use in web development

★Pusher Beams – Push notifications for Android & iOS

★QR code – Create an easy to read QR code and URL shortener

★QR code – Generate and decode / read QR code graphics

★QuickChart – Generate chart and graph images

★ReqRes – A hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests

★Scrape Website Email – Grabs email addresses from a URL

★ScraperApi – Easily build scalable web scrapers


★StackExchange – Q&A forum for developers

★Verse – Check what’s the latest version of your favorite open-source project

★XML to JSON – Integration developer utility APIs